Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hey bike fans,

Thank you for staying on me about this. I realize it's already July and that's just plain unacceptable. I just sold my fixed gear, and I'll have the new beast in a couple days. I'd like to do a ride or two (or SOMETHING) and meet people I may not already know (I'm pretty new to the bike scene here in Des Moines). Please bring your friends! I'm thinking maybe a Sunday or post-work romp around the downtown area? I've been seeing fixed gears on bike racks and trees around town. If you see one, or more importantly, see it being ridden, you should tell that noble soul about this whole thing. As much as I love all bikes, I'm especially motivated to get the FG scene up and prevalent. 

Shoot me an email at with your email, and I'll send a big message out to everyone about when the first get down is getting down.

Thanks for your patience, and it's time to ride.

- Scramble Master

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Aw naw, hell naw boy, now you've up and done it.

Welcome to what will be the place to go for information, times and dates for the cap city scramble alleycats.

Once this new breed of Des Moines street racing has begun, check here each week to find out what sort of ride will be going on and when.

The dsm biking scene (more specifically the fixed gear scene so I don't offend you RAGBRAI folks) is scant compared to many other cities of this size. It's about time we bring up our fixed freak head count with some good ol' competitive downtown racing.

Obviously, this blog is desolately bare of information. I promise that will change as the weather gets warmer and the voices get louder.

Leave a comment if you're interested in getting this started or if you just want to be informed when the first race goes down.